• SPECIAL EPISODE: How a non-smoking ordinance can help your business

    This is a very special episode geared toward something local to us, but very applicable to our larger worldwide audience. We hope you find it useful and will do your […]

  • Ministry in business and culture

    Let’s discuss the importance of culture in your business and how to treat your business as a ministry should you feel called to do that. Thanks to John Junker for […]

  • How insurance can help your emotional health

    We talk with insurance agent, Todd Colston about how important having the correct insurance is to your health and being able to run your business.  Listen to this episode

  • How an infrared sauna could impact your business growth

    Today we have a conversation with Hotworx, an infrared sauna company, and how it fills all 4 of the buckets to living a balanced life to help you run a […]

  • Servant Leadership with Pastor Ed Mathews

    Today we discuss the importance of being a servant leader in life, business and church itself. Ed offers some incredible advice that can really help any business owner serve their […]

  • Touchpoints

    In a world where marketing is all about push push push, what really should be happening is transparency, honesty and generosity. Tell the story of your brand in a unique […]

  • Not for everyone

    Everything we make is for someone and not for others. And no matter who we are, we have the option to change that audience if we so desire. But when […]

  • 3 marketing questions

    Today I answer 3 great questions from local business owners that will hopefully help you in some way. They are: 1. What routine marketing should any business be doing on a […]

  • Laying the Groundwork

    Laying the groundwork for your business is incredibly important. And that means everything from the business structure to the marketing.  Today I’m giving you my 6 steps to how I’ve […]

  • Pink is for boys

    Listen to this episode