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  • Laying the Groundwork

    Laying the groundwork for your business is incredibly important. And that means everything from the business structure to the marketing.  Today I’m giving you my 6 steps to how I’ve […]

  • Pink is for boys

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  • First Lesson Free

    When it comes to marketing, getting someone to try what we have can be the best way to gain a new customer or fill the need they have.  When it […]

  • The social media illusion

    In a world where we have the option to “reach” millions of people with a single post, why do we actually try?  The truth is, you will likely never reach […]

  • The change in 2007

    2007 was a big year for us. Yes, the iPhone came out, but that wasn’t the major change that really happened. The bigger change was how we market our businesses […]

  • The minty fresh habit cycle

    Toothpaste wasn’t always a thing. In fact, it took it thousands of years to be an overnight success.  See if there’s a way you can tap into the habit cycle […]

  • One thing leads to another

    A story of a purse has a lot to do with your business and who you seek to serve. In this episode, I discuss how one thing leads to another […]